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​Since my first ever role in finance, I have always been excited about working with people and data to deliver stronger decisions grounded in insight.​

In a world where uncertainty is becoming the new norm, where technology is getting smarter and where big data continues to grow bigger, the pace of winning and losing is getting faster. This all means high quality decisions, grounded in insight, have never been more important.

Technology that simulates human activity to generate insights is already here and will only get smarter. No matter how smart it gets, it will always have one big flaw, it is not human and generating high quality decisions grounded in insights is an inherently human process.

After twenty years in a variety of senior finance and commercial roles I have codified the essential skills required for insight led decision making which are shared on this site.


I hope you find these resources useful.


George Pissides


Founder of thefinanceanalyst.com

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Our approach is to actually share the techniques, rather than just talk about the principles

We take it a step further and show you how to get impact from your data by making a connection with your audience

What if you're not a Finance person, is this relevant? ..... yes it is, if you want to drive insight-led decisions

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