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Quick tips on data visualisation

I’m sure you have all been handed a report before that includes graphs and tables on it that are too busy and too complicated to understand quickly.


In our busy work lives sometimes such 'noise' can put you off reading people's reports or even listening to the presenter. This could lead to your insight messages being lost, or worse, misunderstood.


One tool that can help bring out your insight message is Data Visualization, and for me there are two key parts to it.


1. Limiting the noise

2. Creating focus



Step 1: Have you created or seen this sort of graph before?

How long does it take you to figure out what the insight message is?

Step 2: Limit the noise

If you take out all the unwanted 'noise', does that help get your insight message across better? and quicker?













Still takes time to understand what's happening, doesn't it? Be aware, whilst your audience is trying to figure out the graph, they are not listening to you.

Step 3: Create the focus

How about now? Should feel quicker. The header gives the reader the punchline and the graph supports it. The matching font colour and graph line tells your reader's eyes where to go first and joins things up so they quickly understand what's happening and get back to paying attention to you and what you are saying

Availability graph1.PNG
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