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Our site contains a large amount of free content which I hope helps you and your teams to be more insight led in your decisions. We also provide a range of wider corporate services to further accelerate you and your teams ability to be more insight led...

How to Analyse your business

Our aim: is to help you strengthen the capability of your team so that they can better interpret how your business is performing.

How: with our comprehensive syllabus we will show your teams how to analyse the key parts of your business. It covers Sales (inc. customers), Margin, Cash, Operations (inventory, availability, supply chain), Costs, Stores, Range + Space, Suppliers.

* Great for new starters, as well as refreshing your existing team's knowledge.


How to generate & deliver great insight

Our aim: is to help you and your team to generate real insights, we will also show you how to deliver (communicate) them in a way that drives the right action.

How: a step through the Define (plan) - Determine (do)- Deliver (communicate) framework in detail. Mixing theory and practical activities to develop your skills. 

* Great for anyone (finance and non finance) that is responsible of leveraging the power of an organisation's datasets.


Business Partnering training

Our aim: is to help you and your team to become business partners that have the confidence & capability to lead your organisation forward with their new found insight. 

How: the business partner programme focuses on how to practically apply the 3 essential pillars of partnering - 'Relationships, Insights, Action'.

* Great for anyone that needs to drive action in your business. For new starters and for existing team members.


Business Partnering - advanced

Our aim: is to support your leaders to build a Business Partnering Team, culture and mindset.

How: a practical step through of how to plan, build and develop a Business Partnering Team.

* Great for leaders of teams that partner the business.


Consulting & NED services

We also provide consulting and NED services. 

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