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A framework that focuses on the human skills of how to turn data into insights. Our unique framework 'Define, Determine, Deliver' steps you through how to turn data into insights, then how to drive action in your organisation. This framework brings together practical experiences from over 20 years in insight related roles and current academic thinking. We live in a world where technology is speeding up the insight process and even simulating our part in it. Although, whilst technology is a great accelerator, human traits like imagination, intuition, curiosity, emotions etc are central to the best insight - and that is and will always be a human skill, so it's key we keep developing these skills so that we get the most out of our data and tech.

Define, Determine, Deliver

a unique framework focused on the human skills required in the insight process

DEFINE - planning your analysis

DETERMINE - doing your analysis, turning data into insight

DELIVER - communicating your insight for max impact

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Are you delivering Level 3 insights?

Level 3 Insights.PNG



Understanding why the insight is needed is the key question, not what do you need to do. If you know why, you are more engaged and more likely to know how to generate the right insight to help solve the requestors ask.

Guess the story?


Your story (what you say) is critical as it helps you to bring your insights to life. This means your insights are clearer, more memorable and inspiring enough to drive action. 


Imagine if you had been told one of these stories as a child, would you still remember them?

Correlation v Causality


Really? How could you triangulate your data sources to ensure you have found the real drivers of performance?

Hypothesis = Focus

data drowning.PNG

A hypothesis is as simple as writing out what you think the insight message might be, this will help you to focus in on what to analyse. Otherwise you will drown in data!

Find the insights (the Xs)

insight bullets.PNG

Too much noise on your slides (or in your talk) makes it hard to focus on your insights.

Availability graph1.PNG
Availability graph2.PNG

Which graph has the clearest message?

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