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Business Partnering (leading) your stakeholders to ensure your insights are acted on so that you deliver your business goals. A Business Partner is not a finance (or insight) professional that produces insight and gives it to someone to act on. The best Business Partners see themselves as Business Leaders who have the confidence and motivation to bring their insight to life in a way that drives the right actions in their organisations.

There are 3 pillars to effective Business Partnering




Key learnings below >>>

Business Partner_3 PILLARS.PNG

Business Partners are Business leaders, we just have a finance tool kit

Lead the business with your insight

Your NOT there to carry the baggage

Remember for this to work - all finance departments must work together 

BP all departments together.PNG

Relationships = 

Trust =


What type of relationship do you have with your stakeholders?

Levels of relationships.png

Map & rate your relationships


When did you last have a coffee with your stakeholder and ask "How are you doing?"

Are you generating Level 3 insights?

Level 3 Insights.PNG

Speak their language

If you want your stakeholder to understand you better, then speak their language - pitch it in a way that they will understand e.g. if they like graphs - use graphs, if they like numbers - use numbers. If you don't know what they like - ASK THEM

Bring your numbers to life

We had 94% product availability in shops last week


We disappointed 1,000 loyal customers last week that are not likely to shop with us again

Which one makes you compelled to act?

Be emotional

Rational logic (numbers and facts) is not always enough to get your stakeholders to act on your insights. You need to appeal to their emotional senses if you are going to get them to act on your insights.

relationship bridge 1.PNG
relationship bridge 2.PNG

When your relationships are bigger, the results are bigger

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